Murder Mystery

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The dress code for the evening is semi-formal or period attire for 1915. Please arrive by 5:45 as the entertainment begins in the Station before the Train departs.

In the spirit of traditional rail seating, parties of two may be seated at a table for four with another party of two.

Cast of Characters for the Evening:

Dominic Giannini:  Brother to the founder of the Bank of America and moving spirit behind the Wine Train, which publicizes the fledgling Napa Valley wine industry.  President of the Board of Directors for the Southern Pacific Railway. Since his wife left him several years ago, Mr. Giannini's name has not been linked with any one lady, though he is rumored to enjoy the pleasures of the table.

Grand Duchess Anastasia Petrovska Nybom:  Born a Russian aristocrat, the Grand Duchess came to California as the wife of Captain Nybom.  A retired sea captain, the Captain was the owner and promoter of the Inglenook winery, an active and generous spirit in the history of California agriculture.  He died several years ago.  They had one child, who is estranged from her mother.

Senator Thurston Desmond III:  A jaded and corrupt U.S. Senator who has received campaign contributions from every special interest group who has the money to buy him.  He is famous for his ability to stand on both sides of any issue you can mention.  He is for and against Prohibition, a possible American entry into the Great War, and so on.

Miss Valerie La Veaux:  A moving picture actress whose most recent film is a mystery, “The Bottle Breaks.”  She is the Honorary Grand Marshal of the Panama Pacific Exposition, along with Richard Halliburton.  She is glamorous, mysterious, and sophisticated.

Lt. Max Hohenberg:  A lieutenant in the Royal Navy of Saxony, he is on leave to pursue his interest in the making of wine.  For the past year he has been the head winemaker for the Charles Krug Winery and produces a special Mai Wein.


Murder Mystery Dinner

Check In  - 5:30 PM

Meet the Characters in Station - 5:40 PM

Train Boards - 6:00 PM

Train Departs - 6:30 PM

Train Returns - 9:30 PM

Napa, CA, United States
Napa, CA, United States